Hygiene Promotion at refugee camps

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution to others experience life's deepest joy, true fulfillment. 

Over the past two months, Legis with the support of Solidarites International is implementing project for Hygiene Promotion in two transit camps Tabanovce Kumanovo and Vinojug Gevgelia.

The main objective of the project is to improve hygiene practices and the use of sanitation facilities for the refugees.

Methodology that Legis team is using to implement the project is: Conducting Hygiene Promotion campaign targeting usual key messages (importance of hand-washing, installation of soap distributor in water points, usage of latrines etc.); Choosing appropriate messages according to the specificity of the different groups of population (nationality, culture, religion etc.); Identifying and targeting all the vulnerable groups; Fully integrating the population itself in the message delivery on a voluntary basis; Developing Education and Communication material (IEC) material designed, created by the targeted population (posters, songs etc.) Conducting a second Hygiene Promotion campaign using the IEC created and targeting all the beneficiaries, especially vulnerable groups.

Thru Identification of main needs and target of vulnerable population, thru hygiene promotion on the field, Legis team conducted more than 12 focus groups qualitative tool for understanding the needs, views and risk behaviors of group of people with similar background.

Thru projection of short movie about hygiene promotion. Organizing of drawing and puppet theater workshop and finalizing the creation of Information, Education and Communication material (IEC) for hygiene promotion.

Distribution of household cleaning items for families. Installation of soap dispensers on various WASH points.

Organizing games about hygiene for children. Organizing awareness-raising sessions about personal hygiene for woman in camps. Organizing various leisure activities with focus on hygiene.

Legis team conducted more than 50 workshops, in both camps using the above mentioned methodology, topics and activities.

Legis with the support of Solidarites International is continuing with the Hygiene promotion activities, tackling same topics but with different approach.  

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