Solidarity and strength with all refugee sisters and brothers

"It has been approximately 4 months since the Balkanroute was officially closed, which caused a lot of people fleeing war-torn and conflict regions to remain stranded in the transit camps of the Republic of Macedonia. Yet, even in times of harshness and uncertainty, the refugees are still showing a great deal of strength and hope. They often make impromptu social gatherings in the Legis coffee and tea area at the Gevgelija transit centre, where music is played and dance follows in a climate of pervading despair over the border closure.

The Legis coffee and tea area is a place where coffee, tea and other cold beverages are served as a refreshment in the sizzling hot summer days of southern Macedonia. However, this area has always served as a solidarity space where refugees not only engage in discussions and different recreational activities, but also, a space for cultural exchange where we learn about each others’ cultures and grow together. One such impromptu cultural gathering is shown on the video below, where refugees from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds came together for one of the many celebrations during the month of Ramadan by playing music from the different regions they come from. Legis activists facilitated the participation of the refugees in this music night and joined in this cultural exchange.

It is in symbolic moments like these that we are reminded that “the difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter”. Solidarity and strength with all refugee sisters and brothers!"