Volunteer Story

My name is Ema Pochat Križaj. I am half-Slovenian, half-French from Luxembourg. I am 18 years old and studying political science in France at Sciences Po Paris.

The parties should not abuse the refugee question

In Macedonia, there used to be a fair policy regarding refugees, they were not used for political arguments and that level of ethics and policy should be maintained, representatives of CSOs say after the political parties have been accusing one another of the new Refugee Strategy.

Volunteer Story

My name is Joshua Gordon, currently a postgraduate student at the University College London (UCL) in International Public Policy. I am passionate about all things political and making a difference in individual people’s lives. In my downtime, I enjoy the outdoors, traveling and experiencing...

No more separations of families!

Refugees in Greece are waiting for indefinite periods for their family reunification to Germany. PRO ASYL and Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) are calling for an end to be put to the suffering of more than two thousand refugees who are stuck in Greece while waiting to be reunited with their family...

The happy end of another refugee story

Some would say that it is against the principles to get attached to your clients, but they never were clients. They did not represent some work to us, but people whom we as people had to help, as we would expect the same if we found ourselves in the same situation, and that would continue in the...

No One Is Counting Europe’s Missing Refugee Children

Where are the 10,000 child migrants who went missing in Europe last year? Europol says it has no idea how many have actually disappeared as a result of Europe’s chaotic migrant calculations, Mario Vidal reports for porCausa and Vózpopuli.