Vima: A new refugee crisis in the Aegean Sea

Increased tensions in Greek-Turkish relations, alongside the escalation of the war in Syria, have led to a surge in the number of refugees arriving to Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, the Athens-based newspaper Vima warns.

Belgrade, Serbia: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns

Before 2015, the prevailing representation of irregular migration to the European Union concerned the Mediterranean migration routes, but in the summer of 2015, the focus shifted to the Balkan Route (Beznec et al. 2016, p.4).

Syria-The world is silent

The social media and news agencies are full of pictures, videos, news on the brutal chemical attacks in Syria. Doctors and volunteers taking wounded people to hospitals “full to bursting”.

Volunteer Story

My name is Siôn Rickard. I come from a village called Betws-y-Coed in Snowdonia, North Wales. I’m an actor, musician and writer. I also work as a Teaching Assistant in schools.

On the edge of the EU, refugee flows flood the Evros River

A clampdown on Europe's eastern borders and the Aegean Sea has forced migrants to seek different — and more dangerous — routes to the continent. Hunters and fishermen find their bodies, reports Anthee Carassava.

Can Pope Francis keep the door open for refugees?

Vatican City (CNN)Nour Essa landed on Lesbos in a refugee boat and left on the jumbo jet of a Pope. One minute, this microbiologist was holding her toddler amid squalor in one of the most miserable refugee camps in Europe.


We would like to inform our partners, donors, potential volunteers, followers, and supporters that Legis has been granted EVS accreditation by the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility of Macedonia.

A Syrian family seeking asylum gets an answer

Illham Alarabi is one of those indomitable women who takes everything in stride. The kind of unflappable mother who can single-handedly extract her oldest son from a squabble with a bully, soothe the teething pains of another and bathe a baby, all while supper simmers on the stove.