The perilous border crossing “game” in Bosnia

Migrant people stranded at the Bosnian border wait for the right moment to try their hand at the “game”. Normally they must try multiple times due to violent pushbacks by border forces.


In August the Border Violence Monitoring Network1 (BVMN) recorded 30 pushbacks, impacting 324 people across migratory routes in the Balkans. This report brings together these testimonies with field observations from across the region, highlighting the various types of border violence...

52 illegal migrants detected near the village of Lojane, Lipkovo

Lojane, Lipkovo municipality, at a place called "Shorta", police officers from the Police Station for Border Surveillance Sopot at the Regional Center for Border Affairs North detected 52 illegal migrants originating from African and Asian countries

Afghan charity workers find safety in North Macedonia

A group of 44 evacuees from Afghanistan arrived in North Macedonia Wednesday to receive temporary shelter, under an international effort to assist people considered to be at risk under Taliban rule.

UK threatens to send migrant boats back to France

Border officials to be trained to force boats away from British waters as surging numbers of migrants attempt to cross channel. The United Kingdom has approved plans to turn away boats carrying migrants and asylum seekers to its shores, deepening a rift with France over how to deal with a surge...

UN warns Afghanistan at risk of ‘total breakdown’

The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan is at risk of “total breakdown” of the international community does not find a way to keep money flowing into Afghanistan despite concerns over the Taliban government. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) said in a report released on...

Evacuations from Afghanistan by country

The United States and allies are hurrying to evacuate as many people from Afghanistan as possible before an Aug. 31 deadline. The combined effort has evacuated more than 114,000 people since Aug. 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul, the White House has said.


Within the project Social, Legal and Humanitarian Aid for the local citizens which is supported by the Government of North Macedonia, Legis provide free legal aid to the socially categorized citizens from Skopje within the social protection provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy or...