Stranded in Serbia - refugees in limbo

The Balkan route no longer dominates the headlines, but it still exists. Refugees undertaking the journey have been left stranded, with doubts over their future growing by the day. Many have gathered in Belgrade.

Syria: Multiple Hospitals Hit Over Past 48 Hours

“The children´s hospital has sustained damage for a second time from airstrikes," said Luis Montial, MSF deputy head of mission for Syria. “This is the only hospital exclusively for children in the besieged area and it is now out of service.

IKEA Surprises Visitors By Recreating Syrian Home Inside Their Store

The house also features the recognizable IKEA posters, yet this time instead of product descriptions visitors see the stories of Syrians who deal with daily shortages of the basic needs like food, water, and medical supplies. Every price tag also features a clear call to action with a text-based...

A small victory for the rights of refugees

“Despite the fact that this was one of the most challenging times in my life, I am still grateful to have met you, all the local volunteers that have become great friends of mine. I am extremely happy I am leaving, but I am also crying and very sad, because I am not just leaving a closed camp,...

Festive aura of Eid al Adha in the refugee camps

“The feast of Eid ul Adha in the camp of Gevgelija started with the Eid prayer organized by the Islamic Religious Community which in coordination with the humanitarian organizations has served lunch for all the immigrants for three days. As for the children, apart from the sweets and the small...