Hungary uses ‘excessive’ violence against migrants, says MSF

“It reached a new low in early July with a new policy that extends border controls to an eight-kilometre area inside Hungary, effectively allowing push-backs of people to Serbia. Dozens of families are stuck with the dilemma of waiting in appalling conditions or being exposed to further violence...

Syrian maternity hospital bombed

(CNN)A maternity hospital supported by Save the Children has been bombed in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib, the organization said Friday on its Twitter account.

Refugees Make Best of Camp Life in Macedonia

Since the borders closed to migrants in March, hundreds of refugees have been trapped in two camps in Macedonia - where they are trying to rebuild their lives while awaiting decisions on their fates.

Hungary: Migrants Abused at the Border

(Budapest) – Migrants at Hungary’s border are being summarily forced back to Serbia, in some cases with cruel and violent treatment, without consideration of their claims for protection, Human Rights Watch said today.

Hassan films his perilous boat journey

Hassan and a group of refugees embark on a dinghy crossing from Turkey to Greece, but as water fills the boat, it becomes clear the life-threatening situation they are in.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens Launches a Campaign for Child Refugees

Legendary singer/songwriter Yusuf / Cat Stevens has launched a campaign to help child refugees in Europe with a charity gig on 14th June at London’s Central Hall, Westminster, and the release of a unique single, He Was Alone.