One migrant dead, 11 injured after vehicle crashes into truck

One migrant died and 13 were injured in last night's traffic accident on the Demir Kapija - Negotino highway. Four of the seriously injured were taken to Skopje clinics, all aged about 22 to 25 years. Ten migrants were from Pakistan and three were from Bangladesh.

Former child refugee reunited with aid worker who gave her a bike

Mevan Babakar uses Twitter to find man whose gift brought her joy more than 20 years ago A former child refugee who posted an online callout to track down a camp worker who gave her a bike has found and met the man whose generosity brought her joy.


June 20th marks the World Refugee Day, which is an opportunity for us all to remember the increasing number of forcibly displaced people in the world, the problems they face with and how our societies react to the arrival of people in search of security. According to statistics from...