Emergency state to be extended due to migrants

Irregular migration exists and that is why it is necessary to extend the state of emergency at the northern and southern borders, CSOs representatives claim. The Government submitted a bill to the Parliament to extend the state of emergency until 31st of December 2018.

Macedonia adopt a new Law on International and temporary protection

Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) would like to inform you that as of April 19th, 2018, the Law on International and Temporary Protection will enter into force, and as from that moment, the current Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection will cease to be valid.

New refugees in Greece can move freely, says court

New refugee and migrant arrivals in Greece will soon be able to move around the country freely without being restricted to the islands of the eastern Aegean where they arrive from neighboring Turkey, according to a Council of State ruling that emerged on Tuesday and upends a 2016 decision by the...

Vima: A new refugee crisis in the Aegean Sea

Increased tensions in Greek-Turkish relations, alongside the escalation of the war in Syria, have led to a surge in the number of refugees arriving to Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, the Athens-based newspaper Vima warns.

Belgrade, Serbia: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns

Before 2015, the prevailing representation of irregular migration to the European Union concerned the Mediterranean migration routes, but in the summer of 2015, the focus shifted to the Balkan Route (Beznec et al. 2016, p.4).

Syria-The world is silent

The social media and news agencies are full of pictures, videos, news on the brutal chemical attacks in Syria. Doctors and volunteers taking wounded people to hospitals “full to bursting”.