Awareness Raising

LEGIS is raising awareness for the situation in Macedonia and worldwide concerning the conditions and circumstances in which the refugees are stranded or transiting on this part of the Balkan Route.

Using social and traditional media, as well as our web page, LEGIS gives an alternative to the prejudices and the xenophobia that are widely present towards the refugees in transit or in destination countries. Sharing their stories and their struggle towards safety, as well as our own experiences,  LEGIS allows the wider public to get more clear picture about the profile of the people that were transiting trough the country, the reasons that brought them to take this road and what they are striving towards, and the obstacles they face while seeking international protection.

Together with other NGO’s and private citizens, a facebook group was created in 2015, “Help the refugees in Macedonia”, which is used for awareness raising, information sharing and coordination between volunteers active on field level and the public.

Our awareness raising activities include:

  • Artistic Exhibitions
  • Public Debates

Informative articles