Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

People on the move, fleeing war, persecution and coercion, are often deprived of proper access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. LEGIS WASH program is based on responding to the needs of population in transit and in reception and detention facilities.

Our WASH program includes installation and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities, distribution of hygiene items as well as hygiene promotion activities in the Temporary (transit) Centers for refugees in Macedonia, TC Tabanovce and TC Vinojug, Gevgelija.

Access to WASH Facilities

During the second half of 2015, when the transit of refugees in Macedonia was organized in two transit points, entrance point in Gevgelija and exit point in Tabanovce, LEGIS was contributing to the infrastructure in order to provide temporary stay and transit with dignity to thousands of refugees transiting daily.

In cooperation with Solidarites International, LEGIS installed sanitation facilities on the entrance of the transit center, where refugees and migrants line-up and waited of hours to be admitted and processed. The installation of 2male, 2female and 1 toilet for persons with disability and barrel of water for washing was complimented with regular distribution of sanitizing gels for personal use, contributed to enhanced protection, dignity and quality of life of the refugees and migrants entering the country.

In 2016, in partnership with Solidarites Internation, LEGIS finished the renovation of the WASH facilities in the detention center for foreigners “Gazi Baba” in Skopje, ensuring proper, gender sensitive access to water and sanitation facilities to the detained refugees and migrants in Macedonia.

Hygiene Promotion Campaign

In order to enhance the situation concerning hygiene in camps and promote and reinforce positive hygiene behavior within the population, thus mitigate health risks and risky behavior, LEGIS conducted a hygiene promotion campaign in the Temporary(transit) Centers in Macedonia, TC Tabanovce and TC Vinojug, Gevgelija.

Various activities and interventions are part of the HP Campaign, mainly targeting the children living in the camp, but also the adult population. The educational and awareness raising activities are complemented by enhancing the access to facilities and high quality hygiene items. Inclusion of the target population in planning, creation and implementation of the activities and program is our core guiding principle and our asset for successful campaign and positive results.