What have we done?

LEGIS has organized and been part of many projects that in their focus have had humanitarian aid as well as raising awareness striving to give the needed help. It has participated and led many campaigns, fund-raising projects and voluntary activities for human community both locally and globally. Since the beginning of our organization’s activities in 2009, worth mentioning are:

I. Big campaign with other organization under the slogan “SOLIDARITY WITH GAZA”

II. Journey to Gaza – Freedom Flotilla, Mavi Marmara.

III. 1 month fund raising campaign for Somalia, and delivering Aid in Dadab camp.

IV. Campaign and fund money raising for the Genocide of muslims in Myanmar.

V. Syria – refugee camp in Syrian city Babul Hava, donation of three (3) ambulance cars.

VI. Campaign and donation for flood in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

VII. Active voluntary work by providing humanitarian help during the refugee crises along the Balkan route in both camps in Macedonia

Our current activity has to do with helping refugees that transit Macedonia by providing refugees with food packs, hygiene material, necessary clothing and first aid items. The organization has helped thousands of refugees and handed out at least 200,000 food packs since the winter of 2014 till nowadays.Considering the fact that struggle with the refugee flow is a worldly matter, in Macedonia the number that transit our country started to rise since 2014. Our aid activities started since refugees were crossing on foot or biking, due to the inexistence of their lawful use of public transport. For this purpose, we have helped them by providing necessary food and non-food items as well as medical help due to their severe injuries while walking. In addition, we helped them to fix their bikes when needed. Finally, we were the advocates to change the refugee law in Macedonia that resulted in their dignified lawful treatment by providing them legal public transport to Serbia.