Who are we?

Who we are?

LEGIS is a humanitarian Non-Profit Civil Society Organization that provides necessary humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs, irregular and detained migrants and people in need. We exist to protect life, alleviate suffering and oppression and ensure dignity, respect for human rights and social justice.

We provide assistance based on the needs of our target population, with respect of human rights, our principles and the principles of humanitarian work.

Our activities in the last two years are focused on response to the mixed migration flows in Macedonia, as LEGIS is the first NGO to provide organized response since 2014.

We are led by faith in humanity, justice and profound dedication. We believe that with common approach we can mitigate risks and establish safe and secure environment where life in dignity thrives. We set examples and we lead towards a better world with tolerance and diversity, with respect and endless humanity. Every action taken is according to law and legal conduct, as well as belief that every person in need can be reached out and their needs fulfilled. We ensure that our activities are managed responsibly and sustainably in the interest in those in need. We tend to take action when human rights and liberties are violated, and meet policies and practices that ensure them legal treatment with dignity and respect.