A migrant from Pakistan passed away after being attacked near the highway Skopje-Kumanovo

SKOPJE (AA) – I.A.S from Pakistan passed away, who illegally entered Macedonia, and was attacked on 16.2.2017, on the highway Skopje – Kumanovo (near the Bunarxhik village), transmits Anadolu Agency (AA).

The information was confirmed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Macedonia, announcing that a person out of two passed away from attacks on 16.2.2017.

“Regarding the “robbery” incident on 25.2.2017, a doctor in the department of neurosurgery at the Clinic Center – Skopje, announced that the attacked I.A.S. passed away”, MIA announced.

I.A.S., citizen of Pakistan, who is one of the two people who entered Macedonia illegally, and according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Macedonia on the 16.2.2017, at 00:30h EIK Skopje (Reporting and Information Unit-Sopje) was telephonically reported that in the highway Skopje - Kumanovo (near the Bunarxhik village) there are two persons with injuries in their heads and body.

Police officers went to the place and found I.A.S. and F.K.A. citizens of Pakistan, who had illegally entered in Macedonia. According to their story, on the bridge to the village Bunarxhik, five unknown individuals attacked them with baseball bat and metal bars, after which their money were taken away.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I.A.S. had been in a critical condition and together with F.K.A. were transferred to the Medical Center Skopje where they identified severe injuries.

From MIA have announced that measures are being taken for tracking down the perpetrators and to fully resolving the case. 

Source: Anadoly Agency