About us

LEGIS is a non-governmental organization founded in 2009 in Skopje, Macedonia. Originally it was set up to be a dignified spoken voice of the community needs and necessities. Basically it was founded to be the organized will of people where its founders lived, in order to promote the basic human values in helping vulnerable and people in need, to increase the level of social awareness, as well as to give the best action response. This is achieved through professional competence and more importantly- charity with high enthusiastic dedication.

LEGIS lays its activity with focus on delivering needed humanitarian aid in every aspect and making any effort to prevent violation of basic rights and freedom of people who have been hard-up, fallen victims of any disaster, affected by war and similar calamities, wounded, crippled, oppressed or left hungry and homeless, both on national and international level. Thus, Legis has reached out to different countries such as Syria, Somalia, Macedonia, Greece etc for its primal purpose of protecting human rights, promoting solidarity and preventing violation.

In the pursuit of materializing its goals LEGIS prioritizes:
• War-hit and post-war regions
• Disaster zones

You can download the MK version fo the statute HERE